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Virtual CFO Services

Every startup or business owner may not be good with numbers. Everyone may not be able to go for a full time Virtual CFO Services in Hyderabad for their Company as it may cost a huge amount. However, every startup or business owner deserves one to run their business smoothly. That is where we come into picture. If you are a startup looking for Virtual CFO services, we cater your needs.

Our solution is beyond your accounts. We setup processes in the organization so that your business runs smoothly. We are leading your partner in growth.

We offer a Chief Financial Officer service via a contractual arrangement, which can be full time, part-time, interim or on an online basis. We can work independently or alongside an existing CFO.External CFOs can add a new perspective, ease the existing CFO’s burden during busy periods (like a reporting season) as well as conduct a third-party inquiry of irregularities and mistakes.We're not just number crunchers. Working with Srifintax offers additional benefits that an in-house finance department can't always provide. ​

Financial Planning

When we talk about finance, the first thing that comes to our mind is the planning. Financial planning is done on the base of identification of the goal, thus we make sure that we have straighten a financial plan with regards to our client’s requirements. We execute the complete planning and decide a path to deliver it effectively.

  • Your Financial Reporting & Dashboards and Get visibility of all the numbers in your business so you can make better, faster decisions.
  • Reporting on firm performance to investors
  • Board reports and presentations (Quartelry, HALF Year, Fully year, Annual Reports & Group Reporting)
  • MIS Dash Board & KPI’s (with Financial and non-financials lead and lag indicators)

Annual Budgeting

After planning, the second stage of our services includes financial budgeting. We decide a budget in advance keeping in mind your financial analytics and your goal. We make sure that we deliver you the best CFO services with minimum but effective amount spend through budgeting.

  • Budgets and plans as required (annually or quarterly)
  • Budgets for reinvestment of firm profits in people and infrastructure

Financial goal achievement

The main purpose of Virtual CFO Services is to achieve the target that you have decided for your business and finance. We at Srifintax provide you with all the required services, and make sure that you achieve your financial target through proper planning, budgeting, and execution.

  • Manage finance and accounting functions
  • Weekly / monthly cashflow management
  • Management of all finance and accounting staff, recruiting, Mentoring, training and guidance, performance reviews
  • Creation / Implementation of procedures and policies
  • Engagement with external accountants for tax advice and forecasts of income tax liabilities
  • Engagement with suppliers of IT and other infrastructure
  • ERP and functional system implementation

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