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Account Payables and Account Receivables outsourcing in USA

Creating a fair balance of accounts and empowering businesses to take reliable financial decisions, account payables and account receivables are the most significant and critical processes in any productivity oriented organization. Additionally, with systematic accounts receivable and payable operations in place, you can efficiently manage the working capital and identify the key areas for fund savings.
Maintaining accurate accounts of purchased and sold goods or services either on cash or credit gives you clarity in the finances and allows you to manage your funds accordingly. Offering virtuous outsourced business bookkeeping services in India, Srifintax has been supporting its overseas and Indian clients to streamline their financials more effectively and productively. With reliable AP & AR services, we strengthen your financial system by efficiently updating your accounts and recording accurate and real-time receivables and payable transactions.

Organized and Systematic Procedures
Our diligent accounting and bookkeeping processes that include scanning, filtering, categorizing, and storing, enable us to offer reliable AP & AR services to our clients. Our stringent methods of ascertaining the account payables and receivables for your business include:-
Invoice Receipt: In the first step, we acquire hard and e-copies of your invoices in order to start the further accounting process.
Image and Data Capture: Right after acquiring the invoices, all the data will be stored in image format to complete the invoicing procedure.
Process and Route: All the invoices are segregated according to the business agreements and further routed to respective customer executives and lenders for final approval.
Disburse and Archive: Post the final approval, the invoices will be uploaded to the respective A/P and A/R accounts/systems for payment procedures. The invoices are then posted manually in the general ledger for further accounting procedures.

Accounts payables

  • P2P (Purchase to Pay)

  • Create Requisition
  • Create PO
  • PO authorization
  • Sending authorized PO to the requester
  • Receipt of Invoice
  • Invoice approval
  • Posting of Invoices in the accounting system
  • Pay the invoices

  • Supplier Reconciliation

  • Payment Process

  • Handling Supplier calls

Accounts receivables

  • O2C (Order to Cash)

  • Quote Order
  • Process Order
  • Fulfill order
  • Invoice customer
  • Receive and apply cash
  • Manager credit and collections.

  • R2R (Record to Report)

  • Month End Closing process
  • Standard & recurring J/Es (incl. accruals, prepaid, deferrals, leases, etc..)
  • Nonstandard J/Es (incl accruals, prepaid, deferrals, etc..)
  • Audit Support
  • General accounting & reconciliation

Our Advantage

We Provide Bookkeeping Services to Small & Medium businesses at very affordable prices.

  • Lowering labor costs
  • Managing legal regulations
  • Focusing on core competencies
  • Data safety and security
  • On-demand report availability
  • Increased productivity financially
  • Effective compliance check

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping is a formal method of recording all the financial transactions of a business during the complete financial year. Bookkeeping includes all the transaction such as Sales, Purchase, Payments & receipts, expenses during the financial year. Bookkeeping is generally done by a professional bookkeeping services provider.

Yes, it is completely safe to find an online bookkeeping service provider and get your books of accounts safely handled by them.

The process of online bookkeeping services are very easy, that you just need to find a suitable bookkeeping method to prepare and preserve your books of accounts.

functioning of bookkeeping includes the following:
Compiling data
Preparing invoices/receipts
Verifying receipts
Matching the cash/bank statement
Income statement
Balance sheet
Any other financial statement

Yes, online outsourcing of bookkeeping is possible and it is easy, effective and convenient for all the parties associated to outsource their bookkeeping.

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